The Potential Reasons for Pulling a Tooth
Why might a tooth require extraction?

January, 2019
Why might a tooth require extraction?

Dental extraction is a relatively common procedure that takes place in the dentist’s office. And while it might be the only way to save a patient from further oral health issues, many think that tooth decay is the only or main reason why a tooth should be pulled. The fact is, there are many different factors or incidents that could potentially lead to requiring a tooth extraction.
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How Do Your Specific Eating Habits Affect Your Smile?
Let’s find out!

July, 2018
Eating habits affect teeth

When it comes to keeping your mouth healthy and free of cavities, daily cleaning isn’t the only thing that matters. Your diet, including HOW you eat and how regularly you snack on certain foods/drinks, also play a pivotal role in your smile’s health. Keep reading to learn more about how you can change your dietary habits to support a healthy, disease-free smile!
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Does Your Child Have Dental Fluorosis?
Ahh, so THAT’S what those white spots are…

June, 2018
Does Your Child Have Dental Fluorosis?

Ever noticed white spots marking the surfaces of a person’s teeth? Or perhaps you’ve noticed them forming on your child’s teeth and have wondered what they are. Well, they’re most likely “dental fluorsis”, and we’re about to give you the low-down on this relatively common condition if you keep reading!
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Are You Using the Right Type of Toothpaste for Your Smile?
Let’s take a look at the five kinds of toothpaste.

May, 2018
Are You Using the Right Type of Toothpaste for Your Smile?

There are so many different types of toothpaste products on the market to choose from, and each are designed to do different things for your smile. Which type of toothpaste are you currently using? Should you be using another type instead that’s more suited to your needs? We’ve got the facts!
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The Bacteria Responsible for Your Tooth Decay
They’re bad, but they’re not undefeatable.

April, 2018
The Bacteria Responsible for Your Tooth Decay

Did you know? There’s a particularly harmful type of bacteria present in our mouths that works with sugar to cause tooth decay and cavities. But with the right daily practices, we can win the fight against this destructive bug, and keep our teeth safe & healthy.
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Is Your Teeth Brushing Technique Harming Your Smile?
Here’s what you should know.

March, 2018
What’s My Personal Cavity Risk?

Could the way you brush be harming your smile? Brushing with too much force, or using a toothbrush with hard or sprayed bristles is damaging to both the teeth and gums. Let’s talk about how you can make sure you’re doing only good things for your smile when you brush.
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What’s My Personal Cavity Risk?
This article may be able to give you a good idea…

February, 2018
What’s My Personal Cavity Risk?

Are your precious chompers at a higher risk for cavities than normal? By assessing these three factors, you can get a good sense about your individual tooth decay risk… and learn what you can do differently along the way to ensure a healthy, cavity-free smile!
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Are You Still Living with Impacted Wisdom Teeth?
Here’s why you’d be better off removing them

January, 2018
Your Dog Suffering Silently from Gum Disease

For a number of patients, wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and problems. And for others... well, let’s just say they’re the lucky ones! While wisdom teeth that are partially erupted (impacted) can go on to cause no discomfort at all in a patient, these rather shy third molars often still pose a considerable risk to a patient’s oral health.
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Is Your Dog Suffering Silently from Gum Disease?
Don’t ignore your furry friend’s dental health…

December, 2017
Your Dog Suffering Silently from Gum Disease

Here’s how you can help to protect your dog from gum disease… a surprisingly common condition that is both painful and destructive to your pet’s smile (and quality of life).
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What’s Your Gum Biotype?
Learn about the two general types of gums

November, 2017
Oral Myths

Do you know your gum biotype? There are two main types of gums with very different characteristics: thin/scalloped gums, and thick/flat gums. Let our dentist in Etobicoke help you figure out yours!
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A Fun & Spooky Dental Quiz!
Can you tell apart these Halloween Fibs and Facts?

October, 2017
Oral Myths

Halloween is coming up fast! This month, in the spirit of this spooky holiday, we’ve got a short and sweet little Halloween dental quiz for you to take a crack at. Can you identify these Halloween-inspired truths from the fibs? Let’s find out.
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Should I Be Using Dental Floss, or an Interdental Brush?
Let’s compare these two very different methods

August, 2017
Oral Myths

Do you use traditional string floss, or an interdental brush to clean between your teeth? Today, we’re going to compare both of these cleaning methods to see if there’s one that you (or everyone) should be using over the other. Check it out!
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Do You Believe These Four Oral Health Myths?
Let’s Find Out!

July, 2017
Oral Myths

There are too many oral health myths floating around our planet! It’s ridiculous. Today, we’re going to address four of them that we believe to be among the most common.
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Which Cosmetic Dental Treatments Will Enhance My Smile?
Find Out Which One Is Best for You

June, 2017
Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Chances are, if you could change one thing about your smile, you would. But what kind of dental treatment (or treatments) would be able to give you the smile of your dreams? There are a number of cosmetic dental treatments that each provide different results. Continue reading…
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Let’s Talk Children’s Dentistry!
Your Child Deserves a Great Start to Oral Health

May, 2017
Childrens Dentistry

This month, we want to remind parents and their little ones about the importance of a healthy start to a life of good oral care.
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Really Though, WHY Do I Need to Floss Every Day?!
We’ve Got the Facts

April, 2017
Floss Every Day

Why exactly do people need to floss daily for a healthy smile? Isn’t a thorough brushing routine enough?
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I Brush and Floss... Why Am I So Prone to Cavities?!
Here's What You Should Know

March, 2017
Cavity Risk

Are you the type of patient who experiences cavity after cavity, despite taking care of your teeth every day? You're not alone! Here are some reasons why you may be more susceptible to tooth decay, and what you can do about it.
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Here’s Why Your Teeth Love Calcium
Make Sure Your Smile (and Body) Is Getting Enough!

February, 2017
Bad Breath

We all know calcium to be the mineral that helps to “build strong bones and teeth”. But calcium goes beyond just building our teeth; it is actually essential to keep our mouths strong and healthy! But how does getting enough calcium help to ensure our oral health?
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Bad Breath? You're Not Alone...
Here's What You Can Do About Your Halitosis

January, 2017
Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a pretty embarrassing condition– especially if there are no breath mints nearby for a quick fix! Well, you don't need to suffer from halitosis – if you know the cause, you can effectively treat it.
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Teeth Whitening for the Winter Holidays
'Tis the Season to Smile for the Camera!

December, 2016
Teeth Whitening for the Winter Holidays

With holiday festivities and get-togethers fast approaching, you may want to give your smile a shade enhancement so that you can look your absolute best! And we can help you with that.
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Dental Implants vs. Root Canal Treatment
Should You Save It or Replace It?

November, 2016
Dental Implants vs. Root Canal Treatment

Patients with significant decay often need to decide whether to "save" their tooth with a root canal treatment, or extract their tooth with potential plans to replace it with a dental implant in the future. But how does a patient ensure that they make the right choice? We’ve got the facts.
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Nothing's More Scary Than Tooth Decay this Halloween...
Here's How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family

October, 2016
Nothing's More Scary Than Tooth Decay this Halloween

Ghosts, witches, monsters and goblins aren't the only things to be cautious of this Halloween. With all of the candy and sugary snacks this spooky holiday has to offer, we should be prepared to protect ourselves and our little ones from potential tooth decay. Want to know what steps you can take to keep those healthy mouths free of new cavities this Halloween?
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The Worst Habits for Your Oral Health
How Many of These Do You Do?

September, 2016
The Worst Habits for Your Oral Health

Do you practice any nasty habits that you know you should try to break? Or, maybe you have tried time and time again, with little to no success. Habits suck, but they aren't impossible to eventually put an end to! Here are some common habits that are bad for your oral health, along with good reason as to why they should be quit.
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Does Your Smile Need a Full Mouth Restoration?
Learn About What Restorative Dentistry Can Do For You

August, 2016
Mouth Restoration

Dental restoration treatments such as implants, crowns, bridges and veneers can do wonders for a patient and their smile. Have you been thinking about restoring your smile to the absolute best it can be?
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Gum Therapy: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical
Here's How We Treat Gum Disease

July, 2016
Gum Therapy

There are two types of therapy used to treat gum disease: surgical gum therapy, and non-surgical gum therapy. Patients with more severe or advanced periodontal disease often require a surgical treatment approach in order to restore their gums and improve their oral health.
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Your Diet and Your Oral Health Go Hand in Hand
Take the Right Bites to a Healthier Smile!

June, 2016
Diet and Oral Health

Your diet plays a very large role in the overall health of your teeth and gums. For those of us with a major sweet tooth, this can be not-so-great news. Luckily, you can make these simple adjustments to your diet to improve your oral health.
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Amalgam vs. Porcelain Fillings
Do You Know the Differences?

May, 2016

When unwelcomed decay leads to a cavity requiring treatment, patients generally get to choose between two types of dental fillings: traditional (amalgam) fillings, and porcelain (composite) fillings. In order to make the right choice for you and your tooth, it's a smart idea to read up about the pros and cons of each filling.
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What an Eco-Friendly Office Means for Our Patients and the Environment
We Like Our Teeth White, and Our Office Green

April, 2016
Eco-Friendly Office

Let's face it... the world we live in today is full of toxins. It can be hard to lead a virtually natural and chemical-free lifestyle, but doing what we can to eliminate harmful toxins in our lives can make a dramatic difference. Etobicoke Dental Health Centre believes in operating an eco-friendly dental office. Want to know how?
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Prevention Is Always Stronger Than a Cure!
Here's Why Routine Dental Check-ups and Cleanings Are Critical

March, 2016

How well do you look after your teeth? Maybe you've got a flawless care routine down to a T... or maybe you can admit to struggling a little here and there. But after too many situations of neglect, your oral health is at risk. Want to know how you can keep oral disease at bay with preventive dentistry?
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What's the Best Method for Teeth Whitening?
Here's the Break Down on Brightening Up!

February, 2016
Teeth Whitening

Unfortunately, our teeth can become quite stained and discoloured with every cup of coffee, handful of berries or glass of wine we enjoy. This can contribute to an unattractive or dull-looking smile, and can ultimately lower one's self-esteem. Thankfully, there's a solution to stained-teeth sorrows! And, even better, there's more than one.
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When is Tooth Extraction the Last Resort?
There Are Actually Several Reasons Why A Tooth May Require a Yanking

January, 2016
Tooth Extraction

Have you ever needed to pull a tooth? Many people have! While dental extraction may be the only option to protect a patient from further oral complication, many think of tooth decay as the primary or only reason a tooth should be pulled. The fact is, there are several factors or incidents that could potentially lead to requiring a dental extraction.
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Aching for a Solution? When It Comes to Tooth Pain, Your Dentist Knows How to Help!

December, 2015
Tooth Pain

While short-term tooth discomfort is usually a result of sensitivity to extreme temperatures or sweets, or even a cause of repetitive grinding - persistent tooth pain is often an indication of something much more serious. It is important to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as you experience tooth pain that lasts longer than a day.
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More Than a Wrinkle Solution,
Botox Can Save You From Jaw Pain Misery!

November 11, 2015
Jaw pain misery

Don't lose your last drop of hope! Botox can be much more than just a wrinkle eraser as it is commonly used to treat severe cases of TMD. Dr. Yasmin, a dental care professional at the Etobicoke Dental Clinic wants to help patients resolve their jaw pain for once and for all with this effective treatment.
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A Priceless Smile!

October 9, 2015
A Priceless Smile

It was a busy day at my clinic when my receptionist came running in, to ask if we could treat an emergency patient. The referral was from the Surgeon on call at the Etobicoke General Hospital. Being one of the referring dentists and a founding member of the Borna Miami Foundation, I knew that we had to fit her in.
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Dealing With Your Dental Anxieties

September 9, 2015
Dental Anxieties

For many, a dental office can be a scary place. You can often feel the anxiety just sitting in the waiting room. Many of us don't usually enjoy dental visits. Tack on lying with your mouth open and having unfamiliar objects and noises all around you... it's no wonder why one can be nervous.
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Smoking and Dental Problems

August 4, 2015
Smoking and Dental Problems

We all know that smoking has a negative impact on your overall health. But beyond causing yellowing of the teeth and bad breath, many people don't think about the other dental problems that smoking is affiliated with.
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Dental veneers make your teeth look like new!

July 14, 2015

Dental veneers come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and lengths to fit any tooth. Otherwise known as dental porcelain laminates, these thin shells are custom prepared to match your existing teeth and they are attached only to the front of your teeth.
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Is chewing gum good for your teeth?

June 12, 2015

It's funny how sometimes we can forget that a small thing can have a large impact. For example, when someone offers you a stick of gum, most of us accept or decline based on our mood at the moment (or how much garlic we had for lunch).
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